Authentic Dimensions - Holistic Psychotherapy




I provide psychotherapy to individuals and couples. Individual sessions are usually one hour and couples sessions tend to run 90 minutes. I am in the Cigna insurance network (check your deductible) and their EAP plan.   

Mentoring and Consultation

I've combined mentoring from some of the best existential and humanistic psychotherapists with my own spiritual practice in presence, openness, and awareness to craft my own approach that I call Authentic Dimensions. I'm available to licensed and student psychotherapists to help you grow in your own patterns of presence, awareness, and what stands in the way of your authentic being. 


Currently courses that are offered are:

  • Searching for My Real Self—guidance to explore one's personas and roles, shadow or disowned aspects of one's personality, using poetry or other arts, and how to access something deeper.
  • Personal Mythology—mentoring with the text Personal Mythology by Feinstein and Krippner to explore how one created one's construct of oneself and the world and the strategies to get what we want or avoid what threatens us. A mid-course correction and revaluation.

Spiritual Direction

All my life I have been interested in spirituality. I believe that the study of any particular religious or spiritual tradition is best undertaken with an authorized spiritual guide of that tradition. However, here are some general spiritual issues I can address:

  • Establishing a meditation practice that suits your personality type and beliefs
  • Sorting out what you believe
  • Recovering from a religion that taught you to fear God, the unknown, or just being "wrong"
  • A powerful spiritual experience that was somehow shattering to your very being
  • Spiritual doubts, shame, or paradox
  • Psychological or sexual abuse by a trusted guide