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"Having a session with Juanita Ratner is like getting a breath of fresh air when you most need it. Through her poetry, gentle guidance, and compassion I have found myself coming out into the light more than I ever believed was possible."

My Approach

My holistic, informal approach is ideal for someone who wants to know themselves and change and grow in the process. Areas I work with include relationship issues, anxiety, panic attacks, self esteem, personal growth, emotional eating, life changes, depression, women's issues, stress, LGBTQ issues, meditation and relaxation, spiritual searches, life transitions, and the quest for self-knowledge. I blend methods and approaches of many modalities: integrative, depth, existential-humanistic, family systems, cognitive-behavioral, developmental, awareness-based, and psychodynamic. I work with dreams.

Over a year of special training in trauma has provided skills to help you whether the trauma is an old childhood one or something recent. I have 35 years of study and practice in spiritual traditions of the East as well as Christianity and Judaism. I have a certificate in dream work and in depth training in existential-humanistic psychotherapy.

The uniqueness of my approach is my combination of insight, presence, caring, understanding of human nature, wisdom of how to become free from past hurts and self-defeating patterns in a non-violent, integrative way. Clients often seem to just "get better" in a way that feels whole and natural.

Holistic Psychotherapy

Holistic Psychotherapy 

Holistic Psychotherapy is an approach in which I engage with you as one human being meeting with another. With an eye to the interrelationship between mind, emotions, body, and spirit, I listen carefully to your concerns and respond authentically in the moment. I listen for your relationship with yourself and others in your life, for the impact of situations and the culture(s) in which you find yourself, your goals and dreams, and the impact your past has had upon you as it shows up in your present experience. Rather than regarding you as someone broken and in need of "fixing," I look for your humanity and that which is seeking to be embodied in your life, trying, as a midwife, to help you give birth to your most authentic self.